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  • Care Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Patient App and Provider

Clinical Team

  • Patient App for engagement, resources, communication
  • Telehealth between nurse and patient
  • Remote monitoring connected to devices and monitored
  • Active Problem List and Care Management Record
  • Centralized Health Record
  • Medication Reminders
  • Educational Resources

The healthcare payer models are rewarding comprehensive care that includes managing a patient between appointments. Building out the technology and staff for these programs will ensure success in the next era of alternative payment models that demand more risk sharing.

myMD team has been working globally in managed care and value-based programs since 2014 (before VBC was a thing!). We know what it takes to be ahead of the curve and leveraging new programs without disrupting your current work-flow or burdening your in-office staff.

Enhance your practice's capabilities with a single, simple,
turn-key solution.

Leverage current FFS programs to then succeed in more advanced comprehensive care programs.

Our Team Will Work On Your "Between Appointment" Programs
Free up time for your staff for day-to-day operations
while capturing revenue likely missed otherwise

Substantial Ongoing Revenue

$252 recurring monthly
revenue per patient

$500 annual one time
revenue per patient

About $225K in NET Revenue with
just 100 active ongoing patients

$330K annualized revenue for
just 100 active ongoing patients

99490 - CCM (Billed Monthly)

99439 - Adding 20 mins CCM

G0506 - Comprehensive CCM Intake

G0438 - AWV (initial one time)

G0439 - AWV Subsequent (annual)

99453 - RPM Set-up (one - time)

99454 - RPM data collection every 30 days

99457 - RPM chart review (20 mins per calendar month)

99458 - RPM chart review, each add'l 20 mins under here

99497 - Advanced Care Planning (annual)

99496 - TCM (within 7 days of D/C from facility)

99495 - TCM (within 14 days from D/C from facility)

Once your programs are up and running, leverage our team and technology for other payer models

  • MSO and Other Risk Bearing Plans
  • Managed Medicare Programs
  • Medicare Innovation Programs
    • BPCI Programs
    • Independence at Home Demonstrations
    • Primary Care First Model

myMD makes Care Management Simple

Our team performs outreach
and gathers consent

Our team monitors and
manages the patient

Our teams enters charges


myMD network integrates thousands of providers to the local patient population


Family caregivers

Care managers

Paid caregivers

Care recipients



Supportive service

myMD is a USA based technology company focused on connecting the healthcare ecosystem and enabling hybrid and virtual care models through their myMD platform. Founded by an owner frustrated in managing care across the continuum with the legacy systems available at the time, myMD has evolved to focus on enabling traditional providers and payers to adapt and succeed in new value based models that require collaboration, accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our team thrives on the evolution of the healthcare system both here in the US and globally as the lines between provider and payer and patient and person are becoming more and more blurred. We have a team of technology experts working side by side with clinical and process flow experts to offer a world class experience for our clients and their care recipients. Our cloud based system is modular to allow for quick configuration to be able to deployed for dozens of care models with plug and play APIs for easy adaptation and easy adoption. One system, one platform, interoperable, and able to work alongside strategic partners to bring our customers a world class experience.

Our Vision
Health Empowered Collaborative Care Communities

Our Mission
Empowering traditional health systems to transform into collaborative care networks

Array of comprehensive technologies (APIs, modules, clinical workflows and pre-configured servers) rapidly deployed for launching patient-centric, value-based care in population health management

  • CCM platform-Managing life & health of aggregated population through networks of care delivery organizations (Physicians, hospitals, home care, self managed)
  • myMD platform Entry level care network communication and engagement platform
Pankaj Khare
Pankaj Khare
CEO / Founder

Pankaj Khare has over 30 years of experience in technology, healthcare, international business and public services over four continents. His expertise lies in technology innovation, managing complex business processes and perfecting operations across diverse cultures and time zones. His newest innovation, myMD was started after he graduated as an MIT Sloan Fellow in 2008, with a single idea to bring unified patient-centric care in managing complex chronic patients across the care-continuum. With over 10 years of development work, millions of lines of code and a global team, myMD now has thousands of users. Prior to launching myMD, Pankaj led corporate strategy and marketing of global corporations, which included conducting due diligence of more than 30 companies and managed global businesses. Pankaj’s education includes the MIT Sloan Fellows Program, an MBA from Penn State University and BSEE from Indian Institute of Technology. In his spare time, he advises startups in IT, healthcare and alternative energy/smart grid space.

Ben Galin
Dr. Ben Galin, DPT
Product Chief

Ben wears a few hats in his professional life and brought those hats with him to myMD. He combines his unique background of clinical expertise and experience as a DPT, over 10 years working as a Medicare Compliance Consultant in post-acute care settings, and over 10 years creating clinical process flows for healthcare software systems to be the driving force to help shape the direction of the myMD platform. He coordinates the development team, the clients, onboarding and determining client work flows, and the needs of the marketplace both now and forecasted. Ben is the vocal champion of myMD and is an invited guest lecturer at conferences across the United States. When Ben is not solving challenges for myMD and our clients, he is at home with his family enjoying the outdoors and all things Boston Sports.

Shawna Grubb
Shawna Grubb
Clinical Operations

Shawna is a 9 year U.S. Army Veteran who was deployed overseas as part of Operation Enduring Freedom where she specialized in Finance and was a certified Combat Life-Saver. Once she returned home, she continued her medical training as a Registered Nurse and has worked in various fields and supervisory positions including Inpatient psychiatric nursing, Hospice Case Management, and Internal & Family Medicine in a variety of roles including Clinical Supervisor, Lead Triage RN for a multi-practice call center as well as Transition of Care Nurse where she piloted and implemented a successful Transition of Care program for a large Physicians network. Shawna has been working in Chronic Care Management since early 2019. As our Director of Clinical Operations, She has helped create our numerous programs and their workflows. Shawna also manages our clinical teams, oversees our onboarding processes, facilitates communications with Support and other departments and handles all clinical and operational queries.


myMD Team
Performs Outreach for


Patients are signed up
into CCM and RPM


myMD Team
monitors and engages patients


myMD keeps all needed
documentation in our system


myMD submits
claims through integration
or manual entry into EMR